Indonesia Content Marketing Forum 2019 brings together the leading marketers and storytellers to explore the exciting content marketing world. This event provides engaging and educational contents and experiences that help marketers improve the way brands interact with the customers and encourage them to create their own epic content marketing. They will have plenty of time to get any advice, insights, best practices from the experts through a series of sharing session.

The dynamic nature of the digital industry and the challenges in implementing content marketing nowadays give an impact for marketers. They need to adapt and overcome the obstacles to produce creative and meaningful content experiences. In ICMF 2019, we will talk about how to tackle the challenges, what they have to do to develop their content marketing to grow their business and inspire their audience. So, the theme of this year event is “REVOLVE”.

And as our appreciations to brands in Indonesia for all efforts and creativities, this year, we also look forward to exploring the best content marketing implementation across the industry in Indonesia. All the entries will receive during the submission period and the winners will be selected based on various assessment stages.


The Agile Content Marketing Roadmap

Reiza Maspaitella
Chairman ICMF


Shady Side of Influencer Marketing
Think Like a Film Maker
Value of Perceived Value
Which Marketing Channels are Worth?


  1. Indonesia Content Marketing Awards (ICMA), an appreciation given to Brands/Institutions in Indonesia for their creativity and efforts in implementing content marketing strategies
  2. The awards program is open to all brands, institutions in Indonesia, involved in implementing content marketing strategies
  3. There is no entry fee for each category entered
  4. To submit an entry, you must first register, download the application form, and complete the entry
  5. For all categories, all entries must be submitted online, by uploading the application form and the supporting files
  6. All entries must be submitted by January 25th, 2019
  7. Each entry will be judged from the idea & strategy, execution and results
  8. The shortlist candidates will be informed by the comittee and strongly encouraged to attend the ICMA ceremony on March 2019 where the winners will be announced
  9. The competition organizers reserve the right to modify the term and conditions at any time and for any reason.
  10. The judges panel reserves the right to decline any entry submitted to a category deemed to be inappropriate.
  11. The judges decision is final and may not be appealed.

Owned Media Category

Website, Social Media

  1. The Brands/ Institutions have owned media that managed from 1 January - 31 December 2018
  2. The Brand/Institution has minimum 2 (two) owned media: 1 website, 1 social media account (Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube)
  3. Brands / Institutions have used analytic tools (Google Analytics) on websites that provided information about Users, Sessions, Page Views, and Bounce Rate
  4. The brands/Institutions are willing to attach a screenshot or proof of the owned media's performance in 2018 from Google Analytics and Social Media Insight required on the ICMA 2019 Application Form for the assessment process

Influencer Marketing Category

  1. The Brands / Institutions have digital campaign programs held during 2018 that involved influencers/endorsers (bloggers, Instagram artists, or youtubers) with specific themes or #hashtags
  2. The brands/Institutions are willing to attach a screenshot or proof of the digital campaign performance required on the ICMA 2019 Application Form for the assessment process (Including influencers sample posts, Total Reach, Total Engagement, etc)

In-House Magazine Category

Print, E-Magz

  1. Brands / Institutions have published in-house magazines (print or digital) that used for external or internal communication
  2. The magazine must be published from 1 January - 31 December 2018
  3. Brands / Institutions can send a maximum of 3 editions/entries to the committee
  4. The application form and soft copy files must be submitted online and the print materials must be sent to:

    Panitia Indonesia Content Marketing Awards 2019
    Grid Story Factory & Grid Voice
    Gedung Kompas Gramedia Lt.1 Unit 1
    Jl. Panjang No. 8A, Kebon Jeruk
    DKI Jakarta 11530


There are three subjects that will be assessed by the judges from each category at ICMA 2019.

First, the most important is the content marketing process. We're seeking for brands who successfully manage their owned media (Website, Social Media Account) and in-house magazine. Brand must develop the right strategy, from defining the objectives, target audience, creating the content plan and more. Then how brand executes the strategy by creating the engaging contents, distribute and optimize the contents on the right distribution channel. And the last is the result. It relates to measuring the performance and impact of various forms of content in a brand's owned media. Such as the number of visits, page views, engagement, and many more.

Second, Creativity. We're seeking for brands who have the ability to solve their problem in a new way and having strong ideas to develop a content marketing strategy. Brand should be implemented the concept into engaging contents.

Third, Relevance. Content becomes valuable when it comes to relevance. We're seeking for a brand who can develop a content marketing that relevant to brand positioning, objective, target audience, etc.



Choose the category, download and upload your application form here

Owned Media Category

Website, Social Media

Influencer Marketing Category

Digital Campaign

Inhouse Magazine Category





Wednesday, March 27th 2019
at XXI Ballroom Djakarta Theater

Watch the live streaming exclusive at facebook.com/gridstory





The participant must be confirmed the attendance before March 20th 2019 (Invitation Only)

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